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Zeolite Health Benefits

Zeolite Health Benefits


The Health Benefits of Zeolite

Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals, formed over thousands of years from a combination of volcanic ash and sea water. An extremely effective natural detoxifying agent, zeolites are a safe and effectual way to remove toxins and free radicals from your body. ZeoPure liquid zeolite supplement, taken orally in liquid drops, can be used in small doses as an ongoing supplement, or in high doses for a short term detoxification program.

Zeolites have a chelating effect; however do not carry the risks of chelation. When ingested, zeolites attract harmful chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals in the body, trap them inside, and in turn are discharged from the body during urination, bowel movement, or sweat. However, due to the zeolites’ shape and size, helpful minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium do not fit in the cage-like zeolite structures, and are not removed from the body as they are in chelation. Another difference is that chelation can have a pull-and-drop effect, in which a chelating agent pulls a harmful toxin or metal from body tissue, but then drops it in the bloodstream, where the harmful substance can be re-deposited in other parts of the body, with potentially dangerous health risks. Zeolites do not exhibit the pull-and-drop phenomena; instead, harmful substances are completely removed from the body.

ZeoPure will remove heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, lead, uranium and cadmium from your body; as well as volatile organic compounds like methane gas, and harmful chemicals, carcinogens, toxins, and free radicals. ZeoPure can also improve overall health, such as balancing pH levels, fighting off common viruses, reducing acid reflux, fighting asthma, reducing migraine symptoms, reducing allergy symptoms, and regulating blood sugar levels by absorbing glucose. In addition to these positive results, the use of ZeoPure has been found to be safe and without side effects. So all in all, ZeoPure is a natural, highly effective way to detoxify your body and improve your overall health.

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